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Watch Wrong Turn 5 2012 online

Wrong Turn 5 2012
Wrong Turn 5 2012

Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines is a 2012 American horror film and the fifth installment in the Wrong Turn film series.   Movie Stars:          Doug Bradley,    Camilla Arfwedson,    Simon Ginty,    Roxanne McKee,    Paul Luebke,    Oliver Hoare,    Kyle Redman Jones.
“In Fairlake, West Virginia, there is a festival during the Halloween called Mountain Man Festival. A group of college students hits the patriarch Maynard of a hillbilly cannibal family on the road and they are arrested with Maynard by Sheriff Angela. Soon his boys assault the Sheriff Station in a night of crime spree.  – Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ”

Movie Trailer: